Learn the slow, gentle movement sequences of the Feldenkrais® at Home™ Audio Products.

Increase your vitality,

Relieve physical pain,

Improve your posture and mobility at any age,

Keep your brain young!

“Move Well, Feel Well!”

Private Sessions with Eileen Bach-y-Rita are deeply restorative and relaxing. Through her sensitive touch, keen observational skills and expertise, she will guide you in the learning process of regaining lost or forgotten abilities and of learning new ones. She will guide you to  improved mobility, performance skills, and the overall reduction of pain and stiffness.


Free your back and neck from chronic stiffness and pain! Recover the possibility of youthful posture and movement.

Schedule your private session today!

What users say about the Audio Products:

“By following the movements of this program I was able to get over chronic and debilitating back and leg pain.”
Arthur P.

“I am a singer and follow this program daily to improve my voice. By freeing the tightness in my chest and improving my posture, my voice projects with ease.”
Carol B.

“The movements truly relieve the pain in my back and the techniques assist in almost instantly diminishing the pain that comes from prolonged sitting and standing.”
Wayne Lowe, Company President

What clients say about Private Sessions:

“I have discovered possibilities in my body which I never imagined to be possible.Many thanks.”
C. Guss, 75, Los Angeles, CA

“Everything that my medical insurance covered was not any help to me. I had a chronic back pain until I found you. I feel you were a key to my healing.”
M. Rosenbaum

“I feel gifted. Your work gives me permission to be and allows me to heal and come together in wholeness. I feel freer because of the experience. Thanks so much.”
G. Coriett

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