Feldenkrais Movements

You move all day long, but chances are, you don’t know exactly how you move. When you reach for something, do you strain your arms, or do you use your back muscles to lift the shoulders and arms easily? Which part of your spine is stiff and unable to twist freely when you look over  your shoulder in the car? Do you have any persistent aches and pains that you feel you just have to live with?

workshopThe Feldenkrais Method is a series of body movements that helps you feel and understand how you move your body. These easy movements encourage the natural way to move, the way we moved as young children. It is the natural way to avoid stiffness and rigidity and regain fluid, easy, pain-free movements of your whole body.

When your body moves well, pain is dramatically reduced or nonexistent; an experience that many of us are delighted to discover.

When your body moves well, physical activities such as sports, dancing and handling a musical instrument become easier. You experience less strain and fatigue and you play better, for longer periods of time.

When your body moves well, it is not tense or rigid. Most of the disease-causing tension that is stored in the body has been eliminated. Muscles become longer, ligaments more elastic. You feel relaxed and at ease.

When your body moves well, your posture improves dramatically. The muscular tension that contracts your body is eliminated and you can stand straight and be tall.

When your body moves well, you become more graceful; you feel and look years younger.

When you body moves well, your brain functions better.

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