Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais & Eileen Bach-y-Rita

Moshe Feldenkrais & Eileen Bach-y-Rita at the Amherst Training 1981.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) discovered the principles of his movement method while teaching himself to walk normally, after seriously injuring both knees. A Ph.D. in physics, he became interested in the mechanics of human movement and developed a self-defense method similar to Judo for the Israeli army. Later he became a black-belt master in Judo and opened France’s first Judo club. Using the eastern principles of body-mind interaction together with his deep understanding of physics, neurophysiology and anatomy, he discovered how to improve the way the brain controls human movement. Through his many books, lectures, and professional courses in the United States and Europe, and his hands-on work, Dr. Feldenkrais showed thousands of people that their physical limitations and pain could be “unlearned” easily and effortlessly.

The  results achieved through his approach reflected his motto perfectly:

“Make the impossible possible,

the possible easy,

the easy elegant”

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